Intel® Driver Update Utility Fundamentals

Last Reviewed: 29-Mar-2017
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What is the Intel® Driver Update Utility?

The utility identifies both Intel driver and third-party driver updates for Intel® products like Intel® Desktop Boards, Intel® NUC, and Intel® Compute Sticks. Using the utility, you can easily download and install driver updates.

What is a driver?

A driver is a program that lets your computer work with a device, such as a video card.

Why it is important to keep your drivers updated?

Updated drivers allow you to use new programs and new hardware.


You should update your drivers if:

  • You have a new device.
  • You see an error message that tells you to update to a new driver.
  • You see problems while using hardware.

You may not need to update your drivers if:

  • Your system is working correctly.
  • You experience issues with the speed of your machine. Updated drivers do not upgrade slow computers.
  • You already have specific drivers for your device, and the latest driver is generic.


If you're not sure, contact Intel customer support.

If you still have questions, visit our FAQ page.

Get started — install the Intel® Driver Update Utility.

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