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The Tomorrow Project Anthology

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Let’s get one thing straight: the future is not set. The future is not some fixed point just over the horizon that we are all helplessly hurtling towards. No. We are not powerless. The future is not written. The future is made every day by the actions of people. Because of this I have always believed that everyone should be an active participant in the future. If we are all making it and we are all going to live in it then why not do something about it individually. Now you might argue that you alone cannot have any real or meaningful effect on the future. You are just one person. What could you do to help shape the future? Well, I’ll tell you—you can do a lot.

Earlier this year I was in London, England talking with Cory Doctorow. Cory has a novella in this collection. I’ve been a big fan of his writing and work for many years. Cory is not just a bestselling science fiction author he’s also a passionate advocate for the rights of people. Basically he is a welcome voice of sanity and humanism in an increasingly complex world. So, I was sitting in Cory’s book-lined office in the Hackney neighborhood of London and I asked him a question:

How can we change the future?

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