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Enriching Lives

Intel Labs

Four Principles to Enrich Lives:

Intel Labs is building the vision for technology that will help you create a better life, by helping you be understood, meaningful, expressive, and free.

Intel Labs is driving a vision to enriching lives, based on more personal, immediate, powerful, and effortless interactions with technology. Our work plays a key role in guiding Intel’s drive toward an ideal where technology extends the range of what people can do and what they experience, in every facet of their lives.

Social scientists, ethnographers, and anthropologists have created an ongoing research program within Intel Labs to study people’s everyday routines to develop computing experiences that make life simpler, richer, and safer. This vision includes technology that knows who we are, anticipates what we want and need, and helps us interact with the world around us, in ways that are more flexible, intuitive, and convenient.

Enriching Lives

Be Understood.

What if your technology knew you so well that your experience of it was like a trusted friendship?
A deep understanding of your individual identity can make technology interactions far more valuable. Future technology will be more intelligent about you, learning your likes, dislikes, needs, and wants as the basis for an individualized vision of your identity, akin to the way a friend knows you:

  • Keeping your secrets. As a trusted companion with an intimate understanding of you, your technology will store and protect your secrets and private data, without being asked.
  • Paying close attention. Profiles will draw from soft sensing, from sources such as your calendar, contacts, and direct inputs, as well as hard sensing, based on actual physical data from pervasive networks of sensors.
  • Being intelligent and helpful. Combinations and patterns based on your data will be the basis for suggestions of advice, as well as specific services that you can opt into (or refuse) for greater convenience and well-being.

Be Meaningful.

What if your technology anticipated your needs before they happened?
Your personal technology will use its knowledge of you to discern relationships between who you are and your present circumstances, to guide, help, and protect you during your daily life. This combination can help identify opportunities and suggest actions for you to consider:

  • Responding to where you are. Your individual experience of a place is unique to the combination of you and your surroundings, and technology will help you take full advantage.
  • Recognizing who you’re with. The combination of your personal identity with people you interact with will reveal common interests and relationships that you would not otherwise be aware of.
  • Understanding what you’re doing. The activities you are involved with at any given time will suggest opportunities to make those activities easier, safer, and more rewarding.

Be Expressive.

What if your technology made the world your canvas?
Tremendous possibilities are on the horizon to extend our influence on the world with our viewpoints, aesthetics, and experiences. Users will spontaneously and effortlessly share every form of rich expression and experience with their friends, families, and associates:

  • Capturing your experiences. Future technology will provide richer ways of recording the events of your life, with deep detail about the times, places, and people that create them.
  • Controlling your surroundings. The future also includes expressing your moods and wishes through powerful abilities to manipulate the sensory world around you.
  • Telling your stories. Technology will make it effortless to recount stories about your life to other people wherever they are, re-creating entire experiences to perfection using all of the senses.

Be Free.

What if you could use your data anywhere, anytime, without encumbrances?
Putting the sea of data all around us to work on our behalf has immense potential to enrich our lives. Realizing that vision involves both identifying the possibilities and enabling us to pursue them with technology that maximizes convenience, fluidity, and control:

  • Making security invisible. Your data will be accessible with transparent authentication that protects your information while eliminating the need for passwords or keys.
  • Unshackling you from devices. You will have constant access to the technology that underlies your experiences, enabling interactions whether or not you are carrying a specific, suitable type of personal device.
  • Unleashing your experience. Your future personal technology will enable you to access and interact with your data anytime, display it anywhere, and interact with it as simply as a casual conversation with a loved one.

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