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Improve Video Surveillance Performance with Intel Technology

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Improve Video Surveillance Performance with Intel Technology

Solution Brief: Intel® Multi-Core Processors LightHaus Logic Equinox* Network Appliances Business Intelligence

Expanding the business relevance of video surveillance in retail business intelligence capabilities increase marketing and operations efficiency.

Going beyond security and loss prevention, enhanced video surveillance systems are serving a broader set of business objectives associated with store operations and marketing. These systems incorporate anonymous video analytics and deliver key performance indicators (KPI) in real-time across departments, stores, and regions. After gathering this information, retailers can optimize store layouts, measure promotional program effectiveness and provide better customer service, among other things. Anonymous video analytics is one of the methods companies use to collect and analyze information about their market and customers, a discipline called businesses intelligence (BI). Security professionals can add this capability to their existing video surveillance systems by simply installing a “visual intelligence” network appliance that supports both security and BI analytics features. Whereas security surveillance helps to improve a store’s bottom line by reducing operating cost, business intelligence can boost the top line by driving more sales in existing stores. The dual role for surveillance systems—security and business intelligence—can improve the business case for future security investments. This solution brief explores some of the technologies behind video analytics, in particular Equinox* visual intelligence solutions from LightHaus Logic and high-performance Intel® multi-core processors.

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