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3rd Generation Intel® Core™ Processors

Powering Intel® Intelligent Systems

Let Innovation Blossom

The Next Generation of Intelligent Innovations

Intel continues to expand its product offerings and innovate on industry-leading 22nm process technology. The 3rd generation Intel® CoreTM processor family, which provides incredible performance, stunning visuals, and secure manageability, helps accelerate the move to a new world composed of intelligent systems that are not only connected but also increasingly context-aware and adaptive to your and your users’ needs. The Intel® Xeon® processor E3-1200v2 family also supports Error Correcting Code (ECC) memory for improved data integrity and system reliability. Select from these processors and chipsets and enjoy a superior experience.

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Superior Performance

Manufactured on industry-leading 22nm process technology with 3D Tri-Gate transistors, 3rd generation Intel® CoreTM processors offer even greater performance than the previous generation. Industrial computing systems can now consolidate multiple automation functions onto one platform and support compute-intensive real-time analytics for better customer targeting as well as diagnosis and predictive maintenance that will significantly improve business utilization, throughput, and yield.

Enhanced Media and Graphics

Built-in visual features such as the Intel® Quick Sync Video 2.0 and Intel® Clear Video HD Technology enable compelling user experiences across a wide range of intelligent systems. Whether your application involves medical imaging, video surveillance, or HD media playback, the 3rd generation Intel® CoreTM processors support smooth visuals, quick digital image downloads, high-density media processing, and synchronous video streams.

Secure Manageability

Enjoy improved security with new features such as Intel® Secure Key, which helps protect data and assets more securely through encryption and Intel® OS Guard, which helps detect and prevent malware. Continued support for Intel® vProTM technology enables secure data exchange among increasingly connected devices across various industries and allows for problems to be diagnosed, managed, and repaired remotely, making most onsite service visits unnecessary.

Industry Impact

The 3rd generation Intel® CoreTM processors further Intel’s ability to enable a wide range of industries achieve end-to-end solutions. Improvements on these new Intel platforms help drive product innovation in intelligent system designs and enable industries to intelligently connect more and more devices.

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Visual Retail

Visual Retail

Deliver rich multimedia content while enabling remote management, energy savings, and lower total cost of ownership.

“With the upgrade to the 3rd generation Intel® CoreTM platform, we have seen a 17% improvement in processing efficiency both on the CPU and GPU over the previous generation Core platform. This allows us to do much more graphically and provide a seamless experience for the end user.” — Inwindow Outdoor

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Military, Aerospace, and Government

Transactional Retail

Provide innovative point-of-sale experiences such as engaging multimedia endcap displays and virtual touch-screen walls and simplify checkout via networked transaction devices.

"We have chosen to design solutions to support the 3rd Generation Intel® CoreTM processor because it supports our disruptive innovation strategy." — NCR Corporation

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Military, Aerospace, and Government

Military, Aerospace, and Government

Build high performance yet power-efficient and cost-effective solutions that can integrate with a vast array of existing systems used in rugged, harsh environments.

“Over the last two to three years, GE Intelligent Platforms has increased the number of design-wins with Intel processors by around 50% due to the success of the Intel embedded roadmap which has repeatedly offered increasing performance and power optimization solutions.” — GE Intelligent Platforms

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Build scalable, automated systems that are compatible across generations and product families to improve factory efficiency and productivity, enable faster time to market, increase software reuse, and reduce cost.

“Due to the drop-in architecture compatibility from 2nd generation to 3rd generation Core processors, National Instruments was able to use our previous Intel Core experience to save more than 6 months in design time.” - National Instruments

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Deliver better healthcare services by developing secure and power-efficient solutions that integrate and connect seamlessly across multiple medical devices and applications.

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Microsoft logo

"With the Intel® Smart Response and Rapid Start technologies in the 3rd Generation Intel® CoreTM processors, Windows Embedded devices will also boot and resume up to 20% faster." - Microsoft

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"Inherently in the operating environment, as well as in the tooling, is multi-core support, but we have worked very closely to optimize these such that customers  can take advantage of things like the advanced symmetric multi-processing capability of the architecture." - Wind River

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Intelligent Systems

  • What Are Intelligent Systems?

    What Are Intelligent Systems?

    According to IDC, Intelligent Systems are securely managed electronic systems that run a high-level operating system and autonomously 1) connect to the Internet; 2) execute native or cloud-based applications; and 3) analyze data collected.

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