Advanced Business Analytics- Broadening access to the Enterprise

Intel IT has laid the groundwork for mining big data using business intelligence and advanced analytics techniques. Traditionally, advanced analytics has been viewed as the domain of a few highly skilled data scientists. We believe that there is an opportunity to extend some of this knowledge to business teams throughout the enterprise. By learning the basic skills in advanced analytics, employees... can frame their business problems as data mining problems,enabling them to work more effectively with data scientists and even perform intermediate data mining projects themselves. We have some initial results from our efforts so far and are still exploring how well this idea works in practice.

We are focusing on several key areas to broaden the access to advanced analytics:
• Training
• Candidate teams
• Mentoring
• Community of practice
• Analytics tool kits
• Metrics
• Business processes

We plan to deploy a business process around analytics to improve the efficiency and consistency of the results. When data science is limited to just a few experts, business teams and the enterprise do not realize the full benefit of advanced analytics. With training and support, a broader segment of Intel employees can learn the fundamentals of advanced analytics and bring significant value to their teams and the enterprise.

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