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Transform Business with Intelligent Gateways

Unlock the value of data today—without replacing equipment

Connectivity is critical to generating intelligence, but how do you get valuable data off of legacy equipment securely, and without replacing all existing infrastructure?

Intelligent gateways are critical to extending legacy systems and connecting them to next-generation intelligent infrastructure. The technology equips you to make the most of the business opportunities enabled by the Internet of Things (IoT)—and the valuable data it generates.

IoT is about moving from the transmission of raw data to local compute platforms. By placing real intelligence at the point of data, you can determine which data to save and which to send to the cloud. Being able to analyze the right data, and do so at the device, brings new efficiencies by accelerating and focusing data transmission and decision making.

In addition to maximizing existing infrastructure investments, intelligent gateways help you acquire the intelligence to drive new design innovation. 

In 2015, Intel® IoT Gateway will come pre-integrated with the Wind River Edge Management System (Wind River EMS), a cloud-based IoT platform that enables devices to securely connect to a centralized console. This will allow Intel® IoT Gateway to be rapidly deployed, provisioned, and managed throughout the life cycle of a system, reducing costs and time to market.

Gateways connect things to the network and cloud

Intel® IoT Gateways

Intel IoT Gateways are the result of a collaboration with McAfee and Wind River. By providing pre-integrated, pre-validated hardware and software building blocks, the gateways connect legacy and new systems, and enable seamless and secure data flow between edge devices and the cloud.

Using a single, integrated solution allows you to focus resources on innovating for new services, big data solutions, and other IoT-focused applications.

Intel IoT Gateways offer companies a key ingredient for enabling the connectivity of legacy industrial devices and other systems to the IoT. It integrates technologies and protocols for networking, embedded control, enterprise-grade security, and easy manageability on which application-specific software can run. 

Speed innovation through integration

Get the hardware and software building blocks that provide the end-to-end IoT solutions needed to advance computability, communications, manageability, and security.    

Protect legacy investments

Extend existing infrastructure investments by connecting new and legacy systems with intelligent compute platforms that provide common interfaces and seamless communication to the cloud.

Secure data—and new opportunities

Securely and seamlessly connect, aggregate, filter, and share data from the edge to the cloud with confidence. Intel offers secure, scalable compute gateways delivered with standards-based interfaces. 

Driving industry innovation

Companies including ADI, Advantech, Eurotech, and Portwell are basing upcoming products on Intel Gateway Solutions for the IoT, each offering a solution customized for a particular market.


Business benefits of gateways

Business benefits of gateways

See how intelligent gateways can help you transform your business.

Intel® Gateway Solutions technical details

Gateways for the IoT

Connect your legacy and new industrial devices to the IoT.

Intel IoT solutions

Intel IoT solutions

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Connecting legacy systems

Connecting legacy systems

Intelligent gateways allow old and new devices to connect to the cloud.

Intel® Embedded Design Center

Intel® Embedded Design Center

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Industry solutions for IoT

Industry solutions for IoT

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Intel® Internet of Things

Gateway development kits

Connect your legacy and new industrial devices to the Internet of Things.

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