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Embedded Intel® Architecture: Board Bring Up Procedure

Embedded Intel® Architecture: Board Bring Up Procedure

Executive Summary
Embedded Intel® architecture has grown complex over the generations with the additions of newer architectural features and high speed devices. Once the board design has been completed using the guidelines provided, the engineer will need to do a board bring up. This paper explains the tests that can be done to make sure the board is stable, and also gives debug methods to solve issues occurring during board bring up.

All embedded Intel® architecture products vary in their uses, but they have one thing in common: the complexity of their design. As an engineer at Intel or an external customer, you need to understand the steps involved in bringing up a board after the design stage has been completed and the boards are built.

This white paper discusses some of the major factors that need to be considered in bringing up and debugging an embedded Intel® architecture-based board and the various factors that come into play when the board is switched on for the first time. Reading this paper will help you to identify issues as and when they occur and fix them to get the best performance from your hardware.

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