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IDF Special Session

A “Sneak Peek” into Intel Research..  What’s Next?

Thursday, September 12 at  10:45am  - 12:15pm in Room 3016

New this year we have added this fast paced, future looking special session.  Intel does over 250,000 interviews a year to find out what people are doing with technology and what they want from it.   Come hear what these exciting and passionate research technologists are thinking about for the future.  We will be focused on 5 to 15 years out!   Maybe your next product idea will come from these talks!


Steve Brown - Intel Chief Evangelist

Steve Brown - Intel Chief Evangelist, and Futurist - Computing changes everything, and everyone

For sixty years, computing has slowly crept its way into most every aspect of modern human life. In the next decade, we could see more change driven by computing than we have seen in the last sixty. As the size, cost, and power consumption of meaningful amounts of computing shrinks down towards zero, we will have the ability to turn anything into a computer. And as computers gain the ability to have a true visual understanding of the world around them, we will see major breakthroughs in robotics, and other human-computer interactions. In this talk, Intel futurist Steve Brown will offer a simple framework that can be used to identify potential opportunities for innovation and profit spanning multiple industry segments. He will also share a few examples of innovations we can expect to see in the next decade or two, and how that may change our lives in the future.


Peter Biddle, General Manager, Cloud Services Platform

Peter Biddle, General Manager, Cloud Services Platform - Code Talks, BS Walks: Making the Future One Commit at a Time

How can developers lead the transformation of technology over the next century? What does it take to bring truly disruptive ideas that change the shape of society and establish new experiences and business models. Peter Biddle, General Manager, Cloud Services Platform will provide ideas, thoughts to drive technology into new industries, new areas undisrupted by technology and explore fundamentals that will need to be reshaped for this new world. Peter will talk to how developers can be the pioneers in shaping and making the future.


Brian David Johnson, Futurist and Principal Engineer

Brian David Johnson, Futurist and Principal Engineer  - 21st Century Robot

21st Century Robot fuses author and futurist Brian David Johnson's science fiction prototyping technique to not only tell you stories about a new kind of robot but to show you the process used to make them real.  Hear about the stories that light the way to innovations you can apply yourself.  Get familiar with the brains (a programmable microcontroller board) that powers the robots who come to life in the book. Learn about how servo motors combine with an endoskeleton to form a robot's "chassis". Understand the design of the robots' exoskeletons and customize them to make their design your own. See how to print your own robot on a 3D printer and build it with the companion kit.   Are you fascinated by AI and robotics? Do you want to create and customize your own 3D printed plastic pals? Are you curious about how you can use science fiction stories to create real-world innovations? All of the above? Then get your hands on 21st Century Robot and make something real!


Dr. Jennifer Healey, Research Scientist

Dr. Jennifer Healey, Research Scientist  - Transportation Data Economies

The future of transportation is changing, no longer is the dominant paradigm of transportation an isolated driver in a single car.  Cars are often shared and we are seldom alone on the road.   Throughout the day we move through various, if unrealized, fleets of vehicles through and to shared infrastructure.  The fundamental limiting factor in the new reality of transportation is not engine speed, but our ability to navigate and manage shared resources through the economies of data that will be negotiated between people, cars and infrastructure.


Dr.  Tony Salvador

Dr.  Tony Salvador, Senior Principal Engineer  -  The Possible Personal Programmer

Given where we are today one possible future is one where we all have “personal programmers” – someone who knows you, your digital needs and tastes and can extrapolate well to new experiences -- making the digital world sing for us all. Tony Salvador, Directory of Experience Insights Lab, leading a team of social scientists, will explain why this is not only a possibly future, but perhaps also a probable future. And maybe even a necessary one.


Mike Payne - Director, Experience Design Lab - Designing for Life

Mike Payne - Director, Experience Design Lab - Designing for Life

As a technology, development and service community, we have been very good at identifying and building point solutions that add value to various moments throughout people’s daily lives.   However, we’ve been slow to design and develop complete systems that unlock the potential of life’s continuous interplay between people, situations, context, devices, content and the environments we move through each day. Mike Payne, Director of the Experience Design Lab, will discuss the challenges and opportunities for making this happen, and how designing solutions that do so is at the heart of Intel Lab’s research efforts.