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Launching the 2014 Intel® Parallel Universe Computing Challenge

Supercomputing 2014 event to feature eight global teams playing for charity

At SC13, Intel launched the Parallel Universe Computing Challenge (PUCC) featuring an entertaining supercomputing trivia round and a parallel computing code challenge.

At SC14, Intel will host the second annual event with eight global teams vying for a prize for charity.

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Gausian Elimination Squad - Supercomputer 2013 competition winners

The German Gaussian Elimination Squad, formed by associates from the Gauss Alliance institutes, celebrates in an early SC13 challenge round. Watch a video of the final round where the winners were announced.

In one of the rounds, emcee Mike Bernhardt, former editor of The Exascale Report* tossed out technical computing trivia questions to each group.

University of Illinois and NCSA team at SC13

Huddling over a computer, the Coding Illini team from the University of Illinois and the NCSA parallelizes code in a timed event. Points were calculated based upon the speed-up achieved on the latest Intel® Xeon and Intel Xeon Phi processors.

As the team applied changes to improve overall performance, the audience watched on overhead screens.

Rice University Parallel Computing Challenge team

Rice University, named K2I^18, was one of the eight teams involved in a single elimination tournament scattered over the three days of the Supercomputing conference.

One of the Rice team members works on parallelizing code while the rest of the team suggest ideas and watch for the results.

Gaussian Elimination Squad and winner's check

The Gaussian Elimination Squad, winners of the 2013 Challenge, donated the $25,000 prize money to the Philippine Red Cross in light of the typhoon disaster there.

Crowd at the SC13 Intel booth

Hundreds gathered at the Intel booth to watch the final match between the Coding Illini and the Gaussian Elimination Squad, and the subsequent award ceremony.

Seoul National University team

The Seoul National University team waits for the next question in the supercomputing trivia round of one of the early tournament matches.

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Want to Participate in This Year's Challenge?

If you have a team that would like to be considered as potential contestants to compete live, on stage at the second annual Intel Parallel Universe Computing Challenge (PUCC), here are the steps you need to take:

1. Pull together a team of four primary parallel coding experts and additional back-up members.

2. Create a team name.

3. Complete the information form to let us know your interest.

Your team will need to be good at supercomputing trivia and well versed in code optimization and parallelization techniques. We can't select all of the teams. But we'll select a few teams that we think will have a lot of fun competing live in front of a very enthusiastic audience