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Coding Illini Wins the 2014 Parallel Universe Computing Challenge

$26,000 charitable donation awarded to the National Center for Women and Information Technology

Teams representing Asia, Europe, Latin and North America participated in the Intel Parallel Universe Computing Challenge (PUCC) at SC14, which featured entertaining HPC trivia and parallel coding rounds. Teams played for the charity of their choice. As the winning team, the Coding Illini selected the National Center for Women and Information Technology for a $26,000 Intel donation.

Coding Illini - Supercomputer 2014 competition winners

The 2014 PUCC winners are the Coding Illini representing the National Center for Supercomputing Applications and the University of Illinois at Urbana–Champaign.

Brilliant Dummies 2014 team

In their first competition, The Brilliant Dummies from Seoul National University proved to be pretty brilliant as they made it to the final round against the Coding Illini.

Examen team

The Examen with Europe's EXA2CT project, won their first match with a last minute MAKE command, but lost in the seminfinals when the Coding Illini used a similar strategy.


Gaussian Elimination Squad

Although last year's champion, the Gaussian Elimination Squad from Germany, won their first round they were not able to overcome The Brilliant Dummies in the semi-finals.





Taiji from China

Team Taiji, representing four of the top universities in China, employed an unusual strategy, deploying four different competitors in the trivia and coding rounds of the challenge.


Super Computación y Calculo Cientifico (SC3) represented four Latin American countries and participated in the PUCC for the first time. They were eliminated in the first round.

Linear Scalers

Argonne's Linear Scalers lost in the first round to The Brilliant Dummies who achieved better Intel® Xeon™ and Intel® Xeon Phi™ performance in the parallel coding round.

Invincible Buckeyes

Unfortunately the Invincible Buckeyes from the Ohio Supercomputer Center and Ohio State University lost when they faced the 2013 champions in the opening match.

James Reinders with Examen

Intel's James Reinders used deconstructed examples from the book he co-authored with Jim Jeffers, High Performance Parallelism Pearls, for the coding challenge.

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Parallel Universe Computing Challenge

Crowds gather to see the finals match pitting the Coding Illini against The Brilliant Dummies.