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Launching the 2014 Intel® Parallel Universe Computing Challenge

Supercomputing 2014 event to feature eight global teams playing for charity

At SC13, Intel launched the Parallel Universe Computing Challenge (PUCC) featuring an entertaining supercomputing trivia round and a parallel computing code challenge.

At SC14, Intel will host the second annual event with eight global teams vying for a prize for charity.

Gausian Elimination Squad - Supercomputer 2013 competition winners

The German Gaussian Elimination Squad celebrates in an early SC13 challenge round. Watch a video of the final round where the winners were announced.

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University of Illinois and NCSA team at SC13

The Coding Illini team from the University of Illinois and the NCSA parallelizes code in the finals of the 2013 event. They hope to go all the way to the championship this year.

See how they hope to improve last year's performance >

South Korean team

Seoul National University competed in the inaugural Parallel Universe Computing Challenge and has signed up to return to the SC14 competition.

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Linear Scalers from Argonne

Argonne National Laboratory returns to the 2014 Parallel Universe Computing Challenge with a revitalized team.

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Latin America 2014 PUCC team

The Latin Amerian team for 2014, called SC3 for Super Computación y Calculo Cientifico, represents Brazil, Columbia, Costa Rica, Mexico and Venezuela.

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2014 Team IB

The IB (Invincible Buckeyes) will represent Ohio State University and the Ohio Supercomputer Center in the 2014 competition.

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Matches Scheduled for SC14 Competition

Eight teams will participate in the 2014 Parallel Universe Computing Challenge.

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