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Lesson Plans from Teachers using Intel® Education Solutions

Intel® Education brings together the high-quality technology, content, services, and professional development that empowers educators to be their best for students. See authentic and exciting lessons taught by master teachers from across the globe using Intel® Education Solutions.

Class Description
Advocate for Animals

An integrated, project-based learning unit on endangered animals features what research is and its purpose, uses a variety of research methods, and teaches students how to work together in a collaborative environment.

Biology, grades k-3

Anatomy of a Digital Student

Use online search strategies, and create and execute a plan for designing a digital notebook. In addition, students will apply digital tools to gather, evaluate, and use information.

Science and math, grades 6-8

Assembling the Evolutionary Tree of Life

This lesson will look at the concept and development of the evolutionary Tree of Life using an e-textbook made accessible through the study.intel.com

Biology, grades 9-12

Lavish Lexicon

Students will learn the spelling of some "big words" using a variety of technological resources, such as an online thesaurus, Storybird*, and Padlet*.

English, grades 1-12

Emerging Technologies: Accelerants for Deep Learning

See demos of cutting-edge technologies for content representation, interactive forms of exploration, and new forms of self-expression, followed by a discussion on pedagogical transformations.

Technology, grades k-12

Introduction to Tablets

For teachers who are about to implement tablets in a mobile teaching and learning environment, this training will empower the first-time tablet user with a new understanding of features, navigation, applications, and file management.  

Technology, grades k-12

Measuring the Impossible: Using the Intel® Education Lab Camera to Enrich Student Learning

This lesson is part of a research unit on tree species. The class will learn the necessity of calibrating a measurement tool and use critical thinking to make reasonable assumptions. Read the supporting case study >

Technology, Secondary

Oscillations and Simple Harmonic Motion

Students will view a short video and conduct a hands-on activity using the Intel® Education Lab Camera software to see harmonic motion with a simple pendulum. The lesson is followed by discussion and a brief assessment. Read the supporting case study >

Science, grades 9-12

SimCity*: Developing the Bull Street Property

Students will look at sitemaps, images, and explore the area using Google Maps* to create a plan for developing the property at Bull Street, the largest land deal in Columbia history. They will collaborate, discuss, and present their final plan.

Technology, grades 9-12

Supply and Demand: Demonstrating Classroom Management Software

Experience the variety of features and functionalities of the Classroom Management system as students learn about the importance of supply and demand in our lives.

Business, grades 9-12

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