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Modify and Create Assessments

Modifying Assessments

You can make many changes to assessments in your Personal Library within Assessing Projects. For example, you can:

  • Delete ratings to describe only two or three levels of performance
  • Add ratings to describe more than four levels of performance
  • Reorder ratings to go from low to high
  • Change rating levels from numbers to words such as Excellent, Good, Satisfactory, Developing, and so forth
  • Change rating levels to points possible (create a scoring guide)
  • Add or delete traits or items
  • Modify descriptors to make them specific to a particular unit or project
  • Change the language to make the assessment appropriate for a different age group
  • Reorder traits (rows) or ratings (columns)
  • Copy traits or items from another assessment.

You can also create your own assessments, adding traits and items of assessments in the Assessment Library.

Edit Assessments

Modify and Create Assessments

Edit Assessment Information

Modify and Create Assessments

Create Assessments

Modify and Create Assessments
Modify and Create Assessments