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Developing a Project

Let’s explore how a middle school teacher, Anna Morris, uses Assessing Projects to assess Common Core State Standards and to help her students manage their own learning through self- and peer assessment.

Anna is planning a unit on bridges. During this unit, she is going to focus on the 21st century skills of self-direction and the Common Core State Standards for Mathematics on mathematical practice. Ms. Morris uses Assessing Projects to create a project that will include several assessments that she will use to assess student work and that she will assign to students for self- and peer assessment.

Ms. Morris can begin to use Assessing Projects in one of two ways:

  • She can create a project called Bridges first and then add assessments she might like to use to her Personal Library.
  • She can explore the Assessment Library first and save assessments to her Personal Library, and, then, create a project for her Bridges unit.

Follow along with the teacher as she finds and modifies assessments for her project, assigns rubrics and checklists to her students for self- and peer assessment, assesses students’ work and skills, and reviews student assessments.