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Executive Brief: Scalable School Technology

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Executive Brief: Scalable School Technology

Finding the Right Solution for Today's Schools and Tomorrow's Technology Landscape

Technology is now an integral part of most U.S. school systems—ranging from servers and networks supporting administrative services to classroom PCs from kindergarten through high school. Administrators, IT managers, teachers, and students are in a continual process of adaptation and discovery as they balance new learning paradigms, operational and management costs, and an expanding array of devices. Security compliance adds another layer of complexity for IT managers meeting stringent demands. With the number of school computing systems increasing and 1-to-1 eLearning (where each and every student and teacher has a dedicated laptop) proliferating, schools are resembling businesses in the complexity of their technology requirements.

School IT managers must now consider supporting technology-based activities both within school and without, as students, teachers, administrators, and parents expect to use school-owned equipment remotely or access school applications on their own devices and systems. Cloud computing, both internal and external, SOA, SOE, Web 2.0 and 3.0, SaaS, 3-D Internet, WiMAX*, virtualization, mobility, 1-to-1 computing—these and a host of other technologies and services are now impacting today’s education landscape. What will be available or necessary tomorrow is uncertain at best. Many IT professionals in school systems are finding that creating and maintaining a sustainable infrastructure amidst the dizzying array of choices and compliance requirements is complex and difficult.

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