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Evaluations—Solutions for Leaders

Demonstrating evidence of impact

Using Research to Solve Problems

As an educational leader, you need to be able to locate research that you can use to make choices about program implementation. You also need to be able to communicate effectively about these choices to key stakeholders through presentations, reports, and conversations. Research that’s easy to locate and is provided in a usable format—such as brief summaries or presentation slides—can help. Below you’ll find a wide range of research solutions, organized by topic and description to help meet your needs.

Research solutions

Topic Description Resource Type
Theoretical framework of the Intel® Education Initiative programs
Education Transformation Guiding Principles for the Design and Implemenation of eLearning Initiatives: A Synthesis from Nine Implementations Worldwide
(pdf 3 MB) Intel’s Education Transformation Research is designed to meet the emerging questions and needs of governments, universities, NGOs, and other actors interested in transforming education systems through the integration of ICT.
21st Century Skills 21st Century Skills
(pdf 60 KB) Learn more about the skills, such as collaboration, critical thinking, and technology literacy, that educational researchers say are essential for students preparing to enter the 21st century workplace. Intel Education Initiative programs are designed to promote the teaching and learning of these critical skills.
Higher-Order Thinking Skills Higher-Order Thinking Skills
(pdf 79 KB) Explore key models of higher-order thinking, such as Bloom's Taxonomy, Marzano's New Taxonomy, and Costa and Kallick's 16 Habits of Mind, and find out how Intel Education Initiative programs support these thinking skills.
Intel's Evaluation Design and Methods
Intel's Evaluation Teams Evaluation Partners
(pdf 47 KB) Learn about the global research firms that have partnered with Intel to support our worldwide program evaluations.
  EDC/CCT—Visit the Web site of one of Intel's key evaluation partners responsible for the global evaluation of the Intel® Teach Program. External Web site
  SRI International—Visit the Web site of one of Intel's evaluation partners responsible for the global evaluation of the Intel® Learn Program. External Web site
Program Maturity and Evaluation Phases
Phases of Evaluation—(pdf 59 KB) Find out how program maturity helps to determine evaluation activities. PDF
Strategic Indicators
Strategic Indicators—(pdf 90 KB) Explore the outcomes model that Intel’s evaluation teams use to measure program performance in relation to program goals. PDF
Educational programs offered by Intel
Intel® Education Initiative Visit the Intel Education Initiative web site >
Web page
Intel Computer Clubhouse Visit the Intel Computer Clubhouse Network page >
Web page
Design and Discovery
Visit the Design and Discovery page >
Web page
Intel International Science and Engineering Fair Visit the Intel International Science and Engineering Fair page >

Visit the K–12 page >
Web page
Intel® Learn Program Visit the Intel Learn Program page >
Web page
Intel® Teach Program Learn more about the Intel Teach Program >
Web page
Key findings of Intel’s evaluation research
Evaluation Reports
Reports—Read the original reports for Intel® Education Initiative evaluation studies. Web page
Income Level (Country) and Program Impact Country Income Level and Program Impact—(pdf 51 KB) Explore how income level has been found to be a key variable in impact studies of Intel® Teach. PDF
Student Impact Student Impact—Discover how the Intel Education Initiative programs are supporting students in three key areas: use of higher-order thinking skills, exposure to technology-rich and 21st century learning activities, and increased technology use. Web page
Impact of Professional Development on Students Proving that Professional Development Programs Improve Student Outcomes—(pdf 50 KB) Find out what can be said with confidence about Intel Teach's effect on student outcomes. PDF
Teacher Impact Teacher Impact—Learn how the Intel Education Initiative programs support teachers in three key areas: incorporating new pedagogy, creating a 21st century classroom environment, and increased technology use. Web page