Danielle Brown

Chief Diversity Officer

2015 was an amazing year! Our Diversity & Inclusion organization is honored to lead this important initiative for Intel.  We are part of a great effort, at Intel and in the industry, to advance the conversation and drive real results around diversity and inclusion in high tech. While we have a long road ahead of us to reach full representation and to reinvent Intel’s culture, the first year results are strong, and I’m proud to share them with you.

We have learned, or perhaps relearned, a few key things in our renewed focus on diversity and inclusion at Intel. First, and critically, we are absolutely resolute in our belief that diversity and inclusion are key to Intel’s evolution and driving forces for our continued relevancy and growth as a company. Diversity invites different experiences, perspectives, insights and ideas to our company and to the many innovative solutions we deliver to markets around the world. Inclusion ensures an environment where everyone can bring their full selves to work, offer unguarded and authentic perspectives and find a respectful place for those ideas. True change come from the combination of diversity and inclusion.

Second, while some are surprised by our level of transparency, it helps keep us accountable and we intend that it promotes understanding among our peer companies and the tech workforce at large. We set and communicate aggressive goals, and hold ourselves accountable to achieving them. That’s how we run our business, and our Diversity & Inclusion initiatives are no different. We have strong executive oversight and engagement in this work, and it shows in our results. This year, we achieved 43.1% diverse hiring, parity in retention, 100% gender pay parity across U.S. job types and levels, and improvement in representation in mid, senior, and leadership levels for all diverse populations. The early results are strong, and give us momentum going into the second year.

Finally, this initiative brought further clarity on our internal environment and set the stage for exciting new efforts focused on retention, inclusion and cultural transformation. We plan to do in-depth research on both internal and external drivers of progression and retention for our underrepresented minority populations in the U.S., and share findings with the industry in our 2016 mid-year report. We will expand a new program called GROW—an enterprise-wide movement that promotes a growth mindset and inclusion. All employees around the world were introduced to a set of actionable, neuroscience-based resources, tools, and habits that can have a tremendous impact on how they relate to each other and rally together to drive innovation in our industry. GROW includes supplemental modules for people managers and U.S.-based diverse employees, so that managers are better equipped to support their diverse employees and grow their careers.

Our early results are promising, we are making progress to our 2020 goals, and sharing our learning in the hopes that others will join us. Like so many things in the tech industry, we are better when we work together to solve the challenges in front of us. We have proven time and again that we can do that with our products and setting standards that serve the world. My hope is that this year we’ll continue that collaboration for our industry workforce, setting standards for ourselves and our companies that inspire our employees, shareholders, and the world. Join us.

-Danielle Brown, Chief Diversity & Inclusion Officer