Letter from Chief Executive Officer

Brian M. Krzanich
Chief Executive Officer

Last year, Intel set an ambitious goal to reach full representation of women and underrepresented minorities in our U.S. workforce by 2020. We committed $300M in support of this goal and to accelerate diversity and inclusion more broadly—not just at Intel, but across the technology industry at large.

As you will see in our Diversity & Inclusion Annual Report, it’s been an amazing first year. We exceeded our diverse hiring goal, and 43% of our hires in the US in 2015 were diverse. We met our overall retention goal to retain our diverse talent equal to the majority population. And we began a broad culture change initiative to address the key challenges we experience in retaining our great talent. We’ve seen amazing engagement and results from these efforts. Looking more broadly, we invested significantly across the value chain to improve the pipeline of STEM talent, increase spending with diverse suppliers, diversify our innovative venture portfolio, and convene the industry to address one of our shared challenges, online harassment. 

I am so proud of our entire organization for these first year accomplishments. We met or exceeded our goals, and, perhaps more importantly, we contributed to the conversations happening across the industry. We showed by example that transparency, data-based decision making, and aggressive goal setting can move the needle on this important issue. 

We are far from done. We have continued the discipline of setting aggressive goals, engaging our leadership, and linking all employees’ pay to the results. And we will continue to work across the industry on the issues that challenge us all with the hope that, by working together, we can solve some of these tough issues even faster.

Please read our Annual Report and share your thoughts for the path forward. We welcome the dialogue because we believe that is the only way true change is ever achieved.

-Brian Krzanich, Chief Executive Officer