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Data Center Upgrade Helps Support Future Expansion

21st Century Oncology supports corporate expansion, improves application performance, and maintains uptime

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Data Center Optimization Supports Growth of 21st Century Oncology

IT infrastructure refresh with Intel® Xeon® processors helps 21st Century Oncology support corporate expansion, improve application performance, and maintain uptime.

21st Century Oncology needed to expand its IT environment in anticipation of new company acquisitions. After conducting a thorough data center assessment with Intel, the company underwent a significant infrastructure refresh project. Refreshing servers and storage with the latest Intel® Xeon® processors helped the company support the acquisition of new businesses, boost application performance, and maintain uptime while controlling data center costs. As a result, the company can deliver exceptional care and service to a growing number of patients.

• Increase capacity. Accommodate new corporate acquisitions and provide a stable technology foundation for future expansion.
• Improve uptime. Increase data center reliability and availability to ensure continued high-quality patient care and service.
• Control costs. Reduce the costs of running and managing a growing infrastructure.

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