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Intel and the Innovation Economy

Invention. Innovation. Investment.


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Our Commitment to Innovation

In 1971, Intel invented the microprocessor, transforming the world forever and laying the foundation for the personal computing revolution, the Internet, and much more. Today, Intel continues to bring the building blocks of technology to the world, transforming industries far beyond computing, including transportation, education, energy, healthcare, and retail. We reinvent the familiar, creating new experiences and enabling fresh solutions.


And, we have done nearly all of this here in the United States. Three-fourths of Intel’s leading-edge microprocessor manufacturing is done in the U.S.—despite three-fourths of the company’s revenues coming from outside the U.S. Additionally, three-fourths of Intel’s combined R&D and capital investment is also in the U.S. 

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Leading in an Innovation Economy

Since 2009, Intel has led a sustained effort to stimulate conversation and generate ideas among our nation’s thought leaders on ways we can build what we call The Innovation Economy—a future where American innovation is cultivated at every level of government, business, and society.

Over the years, we have convened forums, conferences, and town halls in Washington, D.C., with our incredible partners, diving deep into the issues of economic investment, STEM education, global trade, the rise of the new global middle class, and in 2013, the far-reaching implications of the information revolution (i.e., the growing utility of big data). 

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Big Data and the Information Revolution

Billions of connected devices—from PCs, smartphones, and tablets to sensor devices like RFID readers and traffic cams—generate a flood of complex data. The question? How to use it. Intel is poised to properly harness this rising tide of “big data,” which can empower individuals and organizations with insights and information never before imagined—improving lives; transforming healthcare, education, and energy; and driving American innovation and growth. 

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Rebuilding the Foundations of American Growth 

In 2010, at the Brookings Institution in Washington, D.C., Intel announced the Invest in America Alliance, an Intel-led initiative aimed at helping anchor the nation's competiveness on the global stage. The Alliance is a two-pronged effort started with a $200 million Intel Capital Invest in America Technology Fund and funding commitments from several leading venture capital firms to invest $3.5 billion in U.S.-based technology companies over two years. 

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The Innovation Economy Conversation

Navigating the information revolution: The promise and perils of big data

Aspen Institute forum featuring author Kenneth Cukier and Intel’s David Hoffman. 

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Innovation and the global marketplace

Half-day conference featuring Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and Intel’s Doug Melamed. 

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