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Simplify Virtualized Network Elements in Telecom

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Simplify virtualized network elements in telecom

A new trend in the telecom industry is shifting where network functions are deployed from hardware-based equipment to software applications running in a virtualized environment on standard high volume servers. Network service providers are beginning to deploy virtualized network elements in order to drive higher resource utilization by sharing hardware across multiple network functions. Additionally, by decoupling hardware and software elements, new services can be deployed more quickly once servers are in place because a new service gets deployed as a simple software push. Moreover, this software-focused model can yield dramatic cost savings by introducing telecom standard, high-volume equipment based on Intel® processors.

In support of this transition, Intel and Tail-f* have demonstrated how NETCONF can be used to manage a virtualized network edge element. In this proof point, a typical broadband edge workload was combined with a virtualized service and managed via Tail-f's ConfD* and NCS* solution.

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