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Simulation Modeling and Analysis Boosts Productivity

Intel® CoFluent™ reader boosts productivity by enabling system-level model sharing

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System-Level Modeling, Simulating on Intel® CoFluent™ Studio

Intel® CoFluent™ Reader
Intel® CoFluent™ reader allows Intel® CoFluent™ Studio users to freely share their models and simulation results and observations with all project stakeholders: end-users, customers, contractors, marketers, other engineers, and managers.

Intel CoFluent Reader is convenient. It can be freely downloaded, installed and used without time limits. Model information and results are exchanged in one single .cof file that can be easily attached to e-mails or placed on a FTP or HTTP server. It is safe since models are viewed in read-only mode. For further protection, the model creators select what features and information they want to share with others.

Intel CoFluent Reader provides the same tools and environment as Intel CoFluent Studio, but in read-only mode. In its free version, it allows playing back recorded simulation. Running simulations and varying parameters is possible with a dedicated simulation license.

Intel CoFluent Reader comes with full documentation to guide newcomers.

Example models are available to give users an overview of the modeling and simulation capabilities offered by Intel CoFluent Studio for different application cases.

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