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In-Memory Computing Changes the Way Businesses Compute and Compete

Every now and then, a technology comes along that changes the way we live and work in a fundamental way—the personal computer, mobile computing, and the Internet are classic examples. In-memory computing has the potential to drive comparable levels of game-changing innovation. By allowing businesses to filter and analyze vast amounts of data in fractions of a second, it enables real-time, data-driven decision making based on all relevant data.

Early adopters are already using in-memory computing to redefine the competitive landscape in their industries. A global enterprise closes its books in just seconds, a retailer adapts prices and inventory levels based on real-time sales trends, and an equipment manufacturer provides worldwide customers with predictive field maintenance to improve productivity. These are just a few examples out of many. Thousands of companies have implemented in-memory computing, and many are doing things that would not otherwise be possible.

Ultimately, in-memory computing will not be an alternative to traditional solutions. It will simply be the way computing is done. Real-time analysis of massive data sets will be a commonplace capability.

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