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Propel Your Data Center Into the Future

Dynamically compose resources based on workload-specific demands.

Intel® Rack Scale Design is a logical architecture that disaggregates compute, storage, and network resources, and introduces the ability to more efficiently pool and utilize these resources.

Unlock Infrastructure Potential with Intel® Rack Scale Design

Virtualization and cloud computing have been two of the forces driving transformation in the data center. A third element—and the missing piece—is a flexible computing, storage, and network backbone that will usher in an age of truly agile digital infrastructure. Learn how Intel addresses the challenges of your data center.

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Intel® Rack Scale Design Demonstration with William Jorns

Watch technical marketing engineering manager, William Jorns, demonstrate true multi-vendor interoperability using Intel® Rack Scale Design industry standard APIs.

Benefits of Intel® Rack Scale Design

  • Delivers increased performance through pooled resources (network, compute, and storage)
  • Enables hyper-scale agility via flexible, modular architecture
  • Improves data center operations with analytics-based telemetry

Resources to Manage Data Center Effectiveness

Intel® Rack Scale Design APIs simplify resource management and provide the ability to dynamically compose resources based on workload-specific demands.

Software developers, data center IT administrators, facilities managers as well as debuggers can learn more about Intel Rack Scale Design by downloading the following guides and documents.

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Develop Software with Intel® Rack Scale Design

Implement Intel Rack Scale Design if you are ready to simplify resource management and provide the ability to dynamically compose resources based on workload-specific demands.

Intel Rack Scale Design is based on open industry standard Redfish*.

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Do More with Big Data and Intel® Rack Scale Design

Learn how to create highly accurate simulations of big data clusters using Intel® CoFluent™ Technology for Big Data. Improve optimizations of performance versus component cost and add Intel® Rack Scale Design hardware to improve system performance even further.

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