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All-in-One: Big Performance in a Small Footprint

Reviews of the all-new all-in-one PCs are in, and everyone from techies to families is as thrilled by what the all-in-one is as by what it is not. Comment after comment, such as those on PC Review, mentions how this powerful, space-saving device allows users to say goodbye to the clutter of tangled wires, deskbound monitors, and clunky hardware usually associated with personal computers.


Also gone are the days of separate computer, gaming, and entertainment centers taking up room and energy in what should be your space to unwind. Imagine never having to see that collective dust ball of wires spilling out from behind your gaming console, stereo, and TV again. Plus, with an all-in-one, you have the versatility of a computer with the option of a flat, wall-mountable monitor. And all of this entertainment and computing capability comes in one low-energy usage device. Sound incredible? It is.


Can’t wait to see the stunningly responsive all-in-on PC? You can shop all-in-one now. Or read on to find out how Intel has the technology to make your living room come alive again.


The All-in-One PC: The Power of Intel Inside®

So what is an all-in-one PC? First, it is a powerful computer with Intel Inside®. This means the all-in-one has over two decades of Intel’s research and technology, powering your family’s ultimate home entertainment experience with an Intel® Core™ processor that is at the heart of this versatile multimedia device. You get to enjoy seamless performance of your family’s favorite games, stunning visuals of your favorite streamed TV programs and movies, and much, much more. In short, the all-in-one delivers great performance across a wide range of tasks in one streamlined device.


Along with Intel® level performance, the all-in-one PC offers some interesting features that allow the all-in-one to adapt to how you live. From exciting new portable models that move with you to the latest in touchscreen technology, the following benefits are just some of the reasons the all-in-one PC will leave your family immersed in good times together.


A PC with Benefits: The All-in-One Comes Home in Style

Portable design. The latest thing to make staying at home the most exciting choice for the whole family is the new portable all-in-one PC. Imagine a visually stunning display you can place on any table in your house. Start off playing a game in the living room, then scrapbook at the kitchen table later. The new portable all-in-one even has a built-in battery ready to keep up with your next move.


Clutter-free. Sleek and stylish are words more used to describe luxury automobiles than computers, but the truth is, the all-in-one PC is a total home computing and media centerpiece of space-saving efficiency. Its single cord plug-and-play design with wireless keyboard and mouse mean the all-in-one will be there when you need it, instead of taking up space when you don’t.


Touch responsive. When you choose an all-in-one PC with touch, you choose a whole new level of fun and interaction with your favorite content. Imagine editing home videos or making a music mix for an upcoming family road trip all with the swipe of a finger. It is all possible when you get the all-in-one with touch.


HD display. With 18-inch and larger HD screens to choose from, be prepared for every game and movie you have ever seen to suddenly be crisper and more visually stunning. And with a variety of elegant, uncluttered frames to choose from, the all-in-one effortlessly fits into any décor.


When you discover how adaptable and responsive the all-in-one PC is to your family’s lifestyle, you will understand why it is as much an immersive experience as it is a computer. To learn more about the all-in-one, the Ultrabook™ 2 in 1, and other exciting products with Intel Inside®, visit the Intel Product Finder today.



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