All-in-One PCs Help Modernize Allstate Insurance Agency Branch

Slow, clunky and outdated PCs impacted the image Andee McNabb, owner of the Allstate Insurance Cornelius, Oregon branch, wanted to present to her customers. To counter increasing competition and boost productivity, McNabb upgraded to Intel®-based All-In-One PCs to deliver a professional image and assure customers and prospects they’re in good hands.

• Make a better first impres...sion. McNabb wanted to present a cleaner, more modern and professional office that instilled confidence in new customers and complemented her years of experience.

• Retaining the Existing Customer Base. To compete with the growing number of smaller start-up companies in an increasingly competitive market, it was critical to modernize her services for the existing customer base while attracting new business.

• Increase Revenue Efficiently. McNabb needed to replace her outdated PCs with the latest technology without an expensive or lengthy implementation that would disrupt her business.

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