Intel Innovation  |  March 2009
Seeing is Believing: Exercise More, Forget Less
Intel Researcher Sunny Consolvo and her colleagues Beverly Harrison and Tanzeem Choudhury are part of research team that is working on a concept technology for fitness called the UbiFit Garden. The technology uses on-body sensing and mobile computing to encourage women to incorporate regular physical activity into their everyday lives.

With the UbiFit Garden, a garden blooms on the screen of your mobile phone as you perform physical activities throughout the week. The more active you are, the more flowers bloom, and you can set goals for yourself that are symbolized by the types of flowers blooming and the appearance of large and small butterflies. Physical activities are automatically sensed by a wearable device and manually added and edited through a journal on your mobile phone.

So does it work? Participants using the UbiFit Garden display in the three month field experiment maintained their physical activity level over time and on holiday weeks, while the level of physical activity for participants without the UbiFit garden display dropped significantly.

As they say, seeing is believing.
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