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Why does programming an Intel® MAX® 10 device in multiple-device JTAG chain fail with "Error(209012): Operation failed"?


  • Intel® Quartus® Prime Standard Edition

    When an Intel® MAX® 10 device is in multiple-FPGA device JTAG chain and the CONF_DONE pins of Intel MAX 10 device and the other FPGA devices are tied together,  programming the Intel MAX 10 device might fail with the following error message.

    "Error(209012): Operation failed"

    The Intel® Quartus® Prime Software Programmer configures an Intel MAX 10 device with a helper design when programming a Programmer Object File (.pof) to the configuration flash memory.  In the above case, when the other devices are not configured, the Intel MAX 10 device can't move to user mode in the helper design configuration.  Therefore, the Programmer fail to access the configuration flash memory through the helper design.



    You can use one of the following options to work around this problem:

    • Turn on Enable real-time ISP to allow background programming when available in the Intel Quartus Prime Software Programmer not to use the helper design.
    • Configure the other FPGAs to release their CONF_DONE pins before programming a .pof to the configuration flash memory.
    • Do not tie the Intel MAX 10 device's CONF_DONE pin together with the other devices' and pull it up separately .

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