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Error: out of memory in module <module name >



You may see this error when compiling large designs targeting high density devices using the Quartus® II 32-bit software. Compiling high density designs may consume greater than the 2 to 3 GB of memory resources available per process on 32-bit operating systems. To resolve this issue, use the Quartus II 64-bit software with a 64-bit operating system.

Refer to the Quartus II device support release notes (PDF) for the memory requirements of Altera devices.

To verify if you are using the Quartus II 64-bit software, on the Help menu click About Quartus II.  The window should show "Quartus II 64-Bit Version <number>".

If you are using a Windows-based 64-bit operating system, you can switch to the 64-bit software as follows:

  • Launch Quartus II (64-Bit) from its desktop shortcut or the program menu listing

If you are using a Linux 64-bit operating system, follow one of these steps to switch to the 64-bit software:

  • Set an environment variable called QUARTUS_64BIT to 1 and launch the Quartus II software 
    • setenv QUARTUS_64BIT 1
  • Launch the Quartus II software with the --64bit command line option:
    • quartus --64bit



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