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Why does Design Space Explorer only show two effort levels for performance optimization?


  • Quartus® II Subscription Edition
    Description Due to a problem in the Quartus® II software version 12.0 SP2 and earlier, Design Space Explorer (DSE) may only show two available effort levels when optimizing for performance. There should be five available effort levels. This problem affects designs targeting Arria® V, Cyclone® IV, and Cyclone V devices.

    To fix this problem, download and install patch 2.19 from the links below. For designs targeting Arria V or Cyclone V devices, this fix is also included in device patch 2.dp3 or later from the related solution below. You must install the Quartus II software version 12.0 SP2 before installing either of these patches.

    This problem is fixed beginning with the Quartus II software version 12.1.

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