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What Is Intel® Thread Director?


Describes Intel® Thread Director and what it does.


Need to understand Intel® Thread Director and how it works.


Intel® Thread Director helps monitor and analyze performance data in real time to seamlessly place the right application thread on the right core and optimize performance per watt.

The Intel® Thread Director supplies the behind-the-scenes magic that maximizes hybrid performance.

Built directly into the hardware, Intel Thread Director uses machine learning to schedule tasks on the right core at the right time (as opposed to relying on static rules). This helps ensure that Performance-cores and Efficient-cores work in concert, background tasks don’t slow you down, and you can have more apps open simultaneously.

Intel® Thread Director:

  • Monitors the runtime instruction mix of each thread and the state of each core with nanosecond precision.
  • Provides runtime feedback to the OS to make the optimal decision for any workload.
  • Dynamically adapts its guidance according to the Thermal Design Point (TDP) of the system, operating conditions, and power settings.