Software License Key Installation through the Integrated BMC Web Console for Intel® Server D50DNP and M50FCP Family


Install & Setup



The following steps may be used to upload and confirm activation of a software license key. The example below illustrates the process of uploading the Advanced System Management (ASM) license using the Integrated BMC Web Console. The same process can be used to upload VROC software license key.

Integrated BMC Web Console Advanced System Management Key Page

Screenshot of Integrated BMC Web Console

  1. Login to the Integrated BMC Web Console.
  2. Navigate to the Configuration > License Management page.
  3. Click the Choose File button to select the license key file.
  4. Select the .v2c license key file, then click the Open button.
  5. Click the Upload button to upload the ASM License Key to the BMC.
  6. The System Management Key section will show the license type and activated features.
  7. Navigate back to the System Tab. On the System Information page, view the System Summary information box to confirm the Advanced Management Key was successfully Activated (as shown below).

Integrated BMC Web Console System Information Page

Screenshot of Advanced Management Key was successfully Activated

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