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How to check if compression with the QATzip library is properly working with Intel® QuickAssist Technology (Intel® QAT)?


Method to confirm the QATzip library is running as expected with the Intel® QAT driver.


Intel QAT having performance issues with compression algorithm, taking a long time to compress certain files and file types.


Once the QATzip library has been installed as instructed in the GitHub page Intel® QuickAssist Technology (QAT) QATzip Library, the following command can be used to confirm if the library is working as expected: qzip -k $input_file

If the command runs successfully, a compressed file for the input file will be generated in the same directory where the command was run. There will also be some statistics printed out on the screen summarizing the performance of the operation, similar to the following ones:

Time taken:        588.162 ms
Throughput:        30320.548 Mbit/s
Space Savings:     75.547 %
Compression ratio: 4.090 : 1

This method can be used to compare the expected output of different input files and how the compression operation behaves for each one.

The QATzip library also includes a performance test script that can be used to confirm the library was properly installed and working as expected. See more details about this performance script in the QATzip GitHub page.
Additional information

QATzip is a user space library which builds on top of the Intel® QuickAssist Technology user space library, to provide extended accelerated compression and decompression services by offloading the actual compression and decompression requests to the Intel® QAT hardware.

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