Supported Intel® Server Chassis FC2000 for Intel® Server D50DNP Family


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The Intel® Server D50DNP Family includes four Intel® Server Chassis FC2000 products.

These four chassis-only products are listed below.

  • 2U half-width configuration, liquid-cooled – iPC FC2HLC30W0
    • Supports up to four 1U half-width liquid-cooled modules
  • 2U full-width configuration, liquid-cooled – iPC FC2FLC30W0
    • Supports up to two 1U full-width liquid-cooled modules
  • 2U half-width configuration, air-cooled – iPC FC2HAC27W0
    • Supports up to four 1U half-width modules
    • Supports up to two 2U half-width air-cooled modules
    • Supports one 2U half-width module and two 1U half-width air-cooled modules
  • 2U full-width configuration, air-cooled – iPC FC2FAC27W0
    • Supports one 2U full-width air-cooled module
  • See table below for a list of system and chassis-only features.

Intel® Server Chassis D50DNP Feature Set
Intel Server Chassis D50DNP Feature Set


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