Ethernet Management Port Module (AXXFCEMP) for Intel® Server D50DNP Family


Install & Setup



The Intel® Server D50DNP-based system may or may not come preconfigured with an Ethernet Management Port (AXXFCEMP) module.

This article provides instructions for the installation and removal of this accessory option.

The EMP module is hot-swap capable and can be installed or removed without powering down the system or any of its modules.

Note This procedure applies to all Intel® Server D50DNP chassis types.

Required Tools and Supplies:

  • Ethernet Management Port Module
  • Anti-static wrist strap and conductive workbench pad (recommended)
  1. If present, remove the EMP blank from the back of the server chassis by pulling it out from the chassis as shown in picture.
    Remove the EMP blank
  2. Install the EMP module by sliding it into the open EMP bay until it locks into place
    Slide it into the open EMP bay