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Receiving an Error That My Account Is Blocked When Signing In


Explains that your company may be on a GCC High / National Cloud Tenant or your company may restrict cross-tenant collaboration.

  • I tried to sign in but it says my account is Blocked.
  • I tried to sign in but get the error AADSTS500212 The user's administrator has set an outbound access policy that does not allow access to the resource tenant.
  • I tried to sign in but get the error Access is blocked by your organization.
  • My company is on a GCC High domain.

Intel IT has detected that your company is on a National tenant or your company is restricting cross-tenant collaboration. Cross-tenant settings will need to be enabled to permit business-to-business (B2B) collaboration with Intel's commercial cloud environment. Making this change will require an IT representative or network administrator with proper access privileges and knowledge of your company’s Azure* cloud configuration settings. An overview of the changes can be found in Configure cross-tenant access settings for B2B collaboration.

Intel’s specific Azure tenant ID is shown below:

  1. Enable B2B cross-tenant collaboration in your Microsoft Azure* cloud settings.
  2. Add the Intel cloud tenant ID to your organizational settings.
    Intel’s Tenant ID 46c98d88-e344-4ed4-8496-4ed7712e255d
  3. Inform your Intel Account Manager that Steps 1 and 2 have been completed and that your account is ready to test. Testing and provisioning could take 24-48 hours. Your Account Manager will inform you when the domain and has been confirmed and the accounts are ready for use.

Once configuration has been complete, contact Intel Customer Support and provide the following:

  • Your company tenant ID
  • If needed, provide your company IT contact name, phone number, region, and best available time to meet.