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Is the Intel® QuickAssist Technology (Intel® QAT) in-tree driver registered with Linux Kernel Crypto Framework (LKCF)?


Intel® QAT Driver for Hardware Version 2.x


The Intel® QAT in-tree driver is enabled in LKCF starting from kernel 5.19.

  • How to register with linux kernel crypto framework for QAT in-tree driver?
  • We tried both in-tree and out-of-tree drivers of QAT, and we want to use it via LKCF, for the OOT driver we can see an output when running cat /proc/crypto | grep qat, but it was empty when we tried the in-tree driver in kernel-5.19.

The Intel® QAT in-tree driver should already be registered with LKCF. The following command can be used to check the available drivers: cat /proc/crypto | grep -B 4 passed | grep qat[-_]

Additional information

Note that if qatlib is installed, all Intel® QAT endpoints will be assigned to user space, so none would be available for kernel. If that's the case, simply uninstall qatlib and reboot. Re-inserting the kernel modules may be needed to successfully see the LKCF entries.

  1. Uninstall qatlib
  2. Remove the kernel modules:
    • sudo rmmod qat_4xxx
    • sudo rmmod intel_qat
  3. Load the kernel modules:
    • sudo modprobe intel_qat
    • sudo modprobe qat_4xxx

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