Supported Memory for Intel® Server D50DNP Family


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The Intel® Server Board D50DNP1SB supports DDR5 SDRAM RDIMMs. 


The following figure shows a DDR5 SDRAM DIMM.


The Intel® Server Board D50DNP1SB supports DDR5 SDRAM DIMMs with the following features:

  • Registered DDR5 DIMM (standard RDIMM, 3DS-RDIMM, and 9x4 RDIMM)

    3DS = three-dimensional stacking.

  • All DDR5 RDIMMs must support ECC
  • RDIMMs with thermal sensor on-DIMM (TSOD)
  • RDIMM speeds of up to 4800 MT/s (for 1 DPC)
  • RDIMM capacities of 8 GB, 16 GB, 32 GB, 64 GB, and 128 GB
  • RDIMMs organized as single rank (SR), dual rank (DR)
  • 3DS-RDIMM organized as quadruple rank (QR), or octuple rank (OR)

The following tables list the DDR5 DIMM support guidelines.


Ranks per DIMM
and Data Width

DIMM Capacity (GB) (16 Gb DDR5 Density) Maximum Speed
(MT/s) at 1.1 V (1 DPC)
RDIMM SR x8 16 4800
SR x4 32
9x4 SR x4 32
DR x8 32
DR x4 64
9x4 DR x4 64
RDIMM-3DS QR/OR x4 128 (2H)  

SR = single rank, DR = dual rank, QR = quadruple rank, OR = octuple rank, H = stack height, DPC = DIMMs per channel

Maximum Supported DDR5 SDRAM DIMM Speed by Processor Shelves

Processor Family Maximum DIMM Speed (MT/s) by processor Shelf
Platinum 84xx Processors

Gold 64xx

Gold 54xx

4th Gen Intel® Xeon® Scalable processors 4800 1DPC 4400 1DPC


Memory Subsystem Architecture

The Intel® Server Board D50DNP1SB includes eight memory slots per processor as shown in the following figure.

 Intel® Server Board D50DNP1SB Memory Slot Layout


As shown in the following figure, each processor has four integrated memory controllers (IMCs), each supporting two memory channels. Memory channels are identified A–H. Each memory channel supports one
memory slot. 

                       Memory Slot Connectivity for the Intel® Server Board D50DNP1SB