Supported Modules for Intel® Server D50DNP Family


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The Intel® Server D50DNP Family offers a variety of modules that address different workloads in today’s modern data centers. From processor hungry workloads such as artificial intelligence (AI) accelerations and high-performance computing (HPC), Intel® D50DNP Modules are available to support each of these workload requirements. Information below provides an overview of the functions and features of each module supported by the Intel® Server D50DNP Family.

Chassis with Empty Module Bay

Chassis with Empty Module Bay

Each module in a system operates independently from the others. The installed modules in a system chassis share resources like power and cooling. The following table describes the different ways in which an Intel® Server System D50DNP can be configured.

The table below describes the different ways that an Intel® Server D50DNP can be configured. For additional information regarding configuration options, see Configuration Guide for the Intel® Server D50DNP Family.

Intel® D50DNP Modules
Module Type iPC Height Width Cooling

Max Processor

Thermal Design Power (TDP)*

Modules Per Chassis
Compute D50DNP1MHCPAC 1U Half width Air cooled 250W Up to four
Liquid cooled
Management D50DNP2MHSVAC


Air cooled Up to two
Intel® Data Center
GPU Max Series
D50DNP1MFALLC 1U Full width Liquid cooled
PCIe* Accelerator D50TNP2MFALAC 2U Air cooled One

See Appendix E of Technical Product Specification for the Intel® Server D50DNP Product Family for detailed information on Thermal Design Power (TDP).

Mixing different types of modules in the same chassis can only be done as follows:
Up to two 1U air-cooled compute modules with one 2U management module.

For mixed module configurations, the customer must consider the lowest ambient temperature required by the installed processors in the modules. The module requiring the lowest ambient temperature will define the ambient requirements for the whole system even if other installed modules allow higher ambient temperature. The Intel® Server Board D50DNP1SB is the heart of the modules in the product family, supporting 4th Gen Intel® Xeon® Scalable processors and Intel® Xeon® CPU Max Series processors. Each module type supports a different feature set in terms of type of cooling, storage options, memory options, and PCIe* add-in card support. The following subsections provide details about the differentiation that each module provides.

Note Mixing liquid-cooled modules with air-cooled modules in a single system is not supported.