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How Can I View My Points That Are Due to Expire and My Points That Have Already Expired in the Intel® Partner Alliance?


Steps to locate your Quarterly Points Summary, Opening Balance, Points Awarded, Points Redeemed, Current Balance, Points Expired, Closing Balance

  • Unable to determine the validity date of expiring points.
  • Unable to find the total number of points that expired.

Access to the Points Portal and the Partner Dashboard is viewable by those with the Partner Admin or Partner Admin Delegate role. If points are not visible, contact your Administrator.

If you are a Partner Admin or Partner Admin Delegate, follow the steps below to check your Points that are Due to Expire and your Points that have already Expired.

  1. Log in to your Intel® Partner Alliance.
  2. Click Manage Benefits.
  3. Scroll down to "Points and Rewards" then click View Account.
    • A new window opens with the Points Account.
    • From there, you will see Current Balance and Due to Expire.
  4. Scroll down and click Quarterly Points Summary.
    • The summary of your Points per Quarter will appear.
    • Look for Points Due to Expire to check the amount of your Expiring Points.
    • Each Quarter, you'll see Points Expired, which shows how many points have already expired.

For further assistance, contact Intel Customer Support.

Additional information

To identify the validity date of your Points, see When Do My Intel Partner Alliance Points Expire? or refer to Intel® Partner Alliance Terms and Conditions.