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Competency/Course Is Grayed Out and Locked


Explains why training course is grayed out and what is needed to access the course badge.

  • I cannot access Cloud Fundamentals training course.
  • I cannot access the NUC 13 Pro: Winning Business and Edge Opportunities.

Based on the region and groups, some courses will be locked, and locked content is no longer available. Ignore any locked content listed in the widget and any other areas of the catalog on the Intel® Partner University website.

Cloud Fundamentals is the last course badge for the Cloud Fundamentals Competency Learning Plan, so completing all previous courses in that learning plan is required.

NUC 13 Pro: Winning Business and Edge Opportunities is one of the courses that needs to be completed to gain the badge for the competency Intel® NUC Mini PC Solutions Competency.

In taking courses on Intel® Partner University, ensure that all three key milestones in the training are completed:

  • The Course is complete - all course material reviewed.
  • Take the quiz. Your score must be 80% or greater to receive training credits.
  • Submit the survey.