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Am I Eligible to Receive the Intel® Retail Edge Anniversary Pins?


Explains that eligible users will receive the Anniversary Pins soon without placing an order.

  • Need to know how to receive the Anniversary Pins.
  • Do Retail Sales Professionals (RSP) need to purchase the Anniversary Pins?

The Intel Retail Edge Anniversary Pin is part of the 20th Anniversary Celebration of the Intel® Retail Edge Program. Users who qualify to receive the Anniversary Pin will automatically receive the item without making a purchase from the Store. However, the estimated timeframe when a user will receive the Anniversary Pin is undetermined. Receiving the item will take longer for users outside of the United States.


While waiting for the Anniversary Pin to arrive, make sure that the address on your profile is updated. Follow the instructions on How to Update Account Information in the Intel® Retail Edge Program for complete guidance.


To check if a user is eligible to receive the Anniversary Pin, contact Intel Customer Support for further assistance.

Additional information

Visit the 20th Anniversary Celebration page for more details.