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How to Update Backup BIOS in Remote BMC Web GUI on an Intel® Server Board M50CYP


Intel® Server Board M50CYP


Steps to update Backup BIOS remotely using BMC GUI on an M50CYP


Need to update Backup BIOS in remote BMC web GUI for an M50CYP.

  1. Verify first current BIOS and BMC firmware versions.
    UpdBIOSRecovery_CYP.nsh to start BIOS update.
  2. Reboot Intel® Server Board M50CYP, when the prompt appears on the screen Save to storage: Done. Restart System.
  3. POST message comes up, then black screen for several minutes, and displays Updated Backup BIOS successfully on screen. Black screen again for several minutes, POST message comes up.
  4. Enter BIOS setup, go to the Main screen. Now the Primary BIOS and Backup BIOS are both updated.
  5. Go to Download Center and locate the latest version firmware package. (In this case, we will use version R01.01.0006.)
  6. On the remote BMC GUI, go to Configuration> BIOS/ME firmware Update.
  7. Make sure the Firmware image type is BIOS image and check the box BIOS region : [ ] Backup, then choose file

Attach the USB drive with the BIOS file to the rear USB port of the motherboard.

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