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Image Retention/Burn-in On the Intel® NUC Laptop Kits


How to Avoid Image Retention/Burn-in/Sticking on the Intel® NUC Laptop Kits.


An image, if left on the screen for too long, doesn't go away and can show when unintended.



The image retention is usually not permanent. Try the following to remove the image retention:

  • Use the Intel Image Retention Removal Tool. Repeated use of the tool may be needed.
  • Play a colorful fast-moving video full screen that has a lot of color changes until the image retention is removed. An example, "HD LCD Screen Burn In Fix" on YouTube. Repeated playing of the video may be required.
  • Play a video that contains a pattern that transitions pixels between activated and deactivated. An example, Image Retention Clearing Pattern on Youtube. Repeated playing of the video may be required.
Additional information

To prevent image retention, use one of the following options:

  1. Have the display or unit go to sleep when it's not in use.
  2. Setup a screen saver where an image isn't static.
  3. Ensure a static image doesn't show on the display for long periods of time.