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What Are the System Requirements for the Intel® Unison™ App?


Intel®Evo™, Microsoft Windows* 11 SV2, iOS* 15.x, Android* 9


Details on the system requirements for the Intel® Unison™ app.


What are the system requirements for the Intel® Unison™ app?


The Intel® Unison™ app consists of software applications on a laptop, and also on a phone. Intel® Unison™ app supports one Intel®Evo laptop with a smartphone (either iOS or Android) connect at the same time. Both devices must be connected to the Internet and have Bluetooth* enabled.

The application shall be pre-installed by laptop Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM). At a later date the laptop application will also be available for download. Once launched the Intel Unison PC app on the laptop will display a QR code. Customers can scan the QR code with their phone, which will take them to the app store (either the Apple* App store or the Google* Play store) to install the Intel Unison app on the phone.

Minimum System RequirementIntel® Unison™ App
Laptop Hardware
Intel®EvoCPU13th Generation and above (*Selected 12th Generation)
i5, i7, i9 and later
Laptop/ Notebook/ Mobile
RAM8GB and above
Wireless/BluetoothIntel® Wi-Fi 6/6E
TX/RX Streams: 2x2
Bluetooth 5.2 and later
Audio for CallBuilt-in High-quality microphone and speakers
Operating SystemMicrosoft Windows* 11 SV2 and later
Home / Professional
Do not support Microsoft Windows 11 in S mode
iOS Mobile PhoneIntel® Unison™ App
VersioniOS* 15.x and and above
Android Mobile PhoneIntel® Unison™ App
VersionAndroid* 9 and above

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