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How Do I Give the Employee Role an Access for Managing Leads in the Intel® Solutions Marketplace?


Steps to assign Primary Lead Development Representative responsibility for an Employee

  • Need to give the Employee role an access for managing Leads in Intel Solutions Marketplace
  • Needs to give Employee access to manage Leads Dashboard.

Only the roles listed below are eligible to manage/view the Leads in Intel® Solutions Marketplace:

  • Partner Admin
  • Partner Admin Delegate
  • Employee with Primary Lead Development Representative entitlement.

For Partner Admin and Partner Admin Delegate, follow the steps below to assign responsibility:

  1. Sign in to the Intel® Partner Alliance homepage.
  2. Locate and click the Company Profile link near the Dashboard button on the right.
  3. In the Company Profile, click the Responsibilities heading, then click Manage Personnel. Select the employee's name.
  4. Select the box for Primary Lead Development Representative entitlement under Access.

For Employees, there are two ways to request Offerings/Solutions access:

  1. Coordinate with Partner Admin to assign the responsibility by following the steps above.
  2. Contact Intel Customer Support. This will need approval from an active Partner Admin/Account owner.

If you encounter an accessibility issue, contact Intel Customer Support and provide the following to investigate the cause of the error:

  • Email address
  • Screenshot of the error
  • URL/Link