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How to Know If I Won a Prize from the Intel® Retail Edge Program


Explains how to check if you won a prize from the Intel® Retail Edge Program.

  • What are the notifications that I will be receiving if I won a prize?
  • Unable to receive a notification regarding prize item won for the Intel® Retail Edge Program.
  • Unable to accept the prize from the Prize Portal.
  • Received a notice from the website that I won a prize but no idea about it as it was not showing in the prize portal.
  • Needs confirmation if the store won a prize in the promotion.
  • Received a text message notifying about a prize won and want to validate if its valid.

For any users who won a prize, a notification, either by email or text, will be sent saying that you have won a prize. A time frame of five days will be given to accept the prize.

In addition, the notification that the user has received should contain a link that will redirect to the program's Prize Portal. In the Portal, the user can accept the prize and fill out the necessary tax form once the prize is accepted.

For any issue with accepting or receiving a prize, contact Intel Customer Support for further assistance.