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How Often Are Intel® Retail Edge Program Quick Polls Released?


Explains the frequency of release for Quick Polls.

  • Unable to determine when Quick Polls are released
  • Unable to complete Quick Polls requirement to maintain status level

One Quick Poll is rolled out every month. However, there are instances when two Quick Polls are released in a month.

The Quick Poll requirement for status level does not need to be completed every month consecutively. This means that if a Quick Poll is missed for a specific month, the requirements can still be maintained if an extra Quick Poll will be released in the following months. If two Quick Polls were completed in the same month, both will be counted towards the status level requirements regardless if a Quick Poll was missed in a specific month.

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Additional information

The requirement for Quick Polls completion varies per status level of Retail Sales Professional (RSP):

  • Master status level: Complete 1 Quick Poll in the last 3 months.
  • Legend status level: Complete 12 Quick Polls in the last 12 months.