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Can Intel Employees Take Training or Earn Badges in Intel® Partner University?


Intel® Partner University


Explains use of Intel® Learning Network to receive an Intel badge for their training requirements and Intel® Partner University for a partner badge.

  • An Intel employee requests access to Intel® Partner University.
  • An Intel employee wants to take training and earn badges at Intel® Partner University

Intel® Partner University is the training platform designed for Intel® Partner Alliance Members and our Authorized Distributors.

Intel employees can take training at Intel® Partner University and can now earn a badge since our team confirmed there has been a change since we moved to Docebo* last October 2022. Intel employees and contractors are able to get the badge via Partner University. However, they will get the same badge version as our partners, and the training does not roll up into the Intel® Learning Network.

Saba is the learning platform for Intel employees. If there are any available internal badges, Intel employees will need to verify with the Intel Learning Network team to see if completions will be manually granted on their platform.


Saba related issues are handled by a specific support team, visit the Saba Help Page for FAQs and to Submit a Learning Ticket.