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How Many Opportunities Do I Have to Complete the Power Surges in the Intel® Retail Edge Program’s Score with Intel® Core™?


Explains details and timeline of Power Surge opportunities.


Need to know how many chances Retail Sales Professionals (RSP) have to complete the SWIC Power Surge.


Retail Sales Professionals (RSP) have 245 opportunities to complete the Power Surge. However, the system will not allow users to exceed 200 Power Surges. Once the 200-limit has been reached, the user will be locked out from completing any more Power Surge quizzes.

For any issues with Power Surge completion, contact Intel Customer Support for further assistance.

Additional information

There are seven (7) weeks in the competition and there are seven (7) days per week which gives users five (5) Power Surges per day. This gives the Retail Sales Professional (RSP) 245 opportunities in total. Power Surges are short five-question quizzes that Retail Sales Professionals (RSPs) have 60 seconds to complete. Starting June 20, Retail Sales Professionals (RSPs) can complete up to five Power Surges a day to help increase Store and Individual Points. RSPs will also earn Energy Gems.

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