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Actions to Be Taken by Customers in Taiwan When Attempting to Ship Defective Intel® Products under a Warranty Order


Outlines what information should be provided to FedEx, how to contact FedEx and how to track the package


Require clarification regarding FedEx collection process in Taiwan.


An automated notification email is sent by Intel shortly after a warranty order is created. Attached to that email are the Return Commercial Invoice (RCI) and the FedEx Air Waybill (AWB).

  1. Read the automated notification email carefully and prepare the below materials before contacting FedEx:
    • Stick FedEx Air Waybill label on the package.
    • Print out three copies of Return Commercial Invoice (RCI).
    • Place your signature in the box beside Please Print POD signature for all three copies.
    • Print out all the pages of the FedEx Air Waybill (AWB).
    • Place defective unit inside the package.
  2. Contact your local FedEx within 30 days to schedule a pickup time. The RCI and AWB are only valid for 30 days, so schedule a pickup request before that time.
  3. Provide FedEx with:
    • Account number, which is listed in the automated notification email.
    • The package to be returned to Intel Depot.
    • All pages of the attached FedEx Air Waybill (AWB).
      • The last page of attached FedEx Air Waybill (AWB) is the Return Shipment Instruction. Keep it for your reference.
    • Three copies of Return Commercial Invoice (RCI).


Package Tracking:

Track your package through FedEx Track & Ship Online and input the Air Waybill number found at the lower right-hand portion of the FedEx AWB.


FedEx may ask you to provide some personal information for customs inspection, the cost of customs clearance will be borne by Intel. Consult with FedEx Customer Service if you have any concerns.